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Erik S. JaffeERIK S. JAFFE is an appellate  litigator with a practice covering a wide variety of legal issues in both state and federal courts of appeals.  A substantial  portion of Mr. Jaffe's practice focuses on constitutional issues and litigation in the United States Supreme Court.  He represents individuals, business corporations, and non-profit organizations who are parties in litigation or who seek to participate as amici curiae in cases presenting significant economic, political, or social issues.  Mr. Jaffe also collaborates with other law firms and lawyers seeking to supplement their litigation resources. At the trial level, he is available to consult with and assist primary counsel on significant issues and motions, providing an appellate perspective and helping to frame the legal issues for any potential appeal.


Abigail Noel Fisher, v. University of Texas at Austin, et al.,

No. 11-345 (May 29, 2012)

Writing for amici curiae Asian American Legal Foundation and the Judicial Education Project, Mr. Jaffe argues that the rights of American citizens of Asian descent - and of all Americans - are in jeopardy if college admissions programs, and the University of Texas at Austin in particular, discriminate against Asian American applicants by deeming them overrepresented relative to their demographics in the population and thus less worthy of admission than applicants of underrepresented races. The brief advocates that the court should reinstate a faithful application of traditional and highly skeptical strict scrutiny to the use of race in the admissions process and more generally to racial classifications in education. Full text


Looking Ahead: October Term 2010

2009-20010 Cato Supreme Court Review

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Mr. Jaffe examines the cases that were coming up for the Supreme Court's October Term 2010, including key cases involving federal preemption, ERISA, copyright, First Amendment freedom of speech and establishment of religion. Full text